Women butchering a seal at home

Three women are butchering the bearded seal. The guts are put into a large basin. They used to be used to make seal gut anoraks and doors.

keywords:8 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1967

Women and girls in their Sunday best

Posed photograph taken on a Sunday at the subjects' request. From left to right: the adult women Elisa Sivarsen (in costume), Thomasine Tarkissimat and Melina Larsen; on the far right (in costume) one of Maline daughters, Baths...

keywords:7 ; stories:2 ; Taken on:1967

The Kristiansen family fishing for salmon trout

Gaba Kristiansen is shown with his family catching salmon in a small river.

keywords:5 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1967

Thomasine and Efraim Kristiansen catching salmon

On the left, Efraim (Epai), on the right, Thomasine, both children of Gaba Kristiansen, busy catching salmon. Thomasine is now married to Gert Jonathansen.

keywords:3 ; stories:1 ; Taken on:1967

Moses Jonathansen as a baby in a wooden cot

Photo 10

keywords:4 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1967

Two small children

Jeroen Nooter and Moses Jonathansen playing together in the home of the Jonathansens, which the Nooter family was temporarily sharing at the time.

keywords:4 ; stories:2 ; Taken on:1967

Huge icebergs very close to the settlement

Storm in the Sermilik Fjord. Mid-September. The big bergs were coming perilously close.

keywords:5 ; stories:2 ; Taken on:1967

Mikkel Larsen telling a story

Mikkel Larsen telling the story of Jense Mile, a curious cross-eyed Greenlander who used to live in Ammassalik (Tasiilaq).

keywords:4 ; stories:6 ; Taken on:1967

Asta Jonathansen knitting

Asta Jonathansen is knitting. Asta is very fond of smoking a pipe and cigarettes. Behind her is the status symbol of the 1970s: a clock imported from Denmark.

keywords:3 ; stories:0 ; Taken on:1967